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For those who read Andrew Simpson's blog dedicated to the history of Chorlton (and more!), you may already know that in celebration of the Together Trust's 150th year we are publishing a book on the history of the charity in 2020. We have worked closely with Andrew who has produced a fascinating read which delves into the history of the Together Trust, a charity whose unwavering dedication to improving the lives of young people is celebrated in this work. Andrew has consulted our vast and unique archive to tell the stories of some of the young people who in the early days of the charity found themselves destitute on the city's streets; following some of them on their journeys to Canada, and mapping the changes in child welfare in the process.

The Parcel Brigade outside the Children's Shelter (c. 1915) - one of the images that inspired the cover illustration.

Further to this exciting news, we are proud to share a few sneak peeks of the cover which has been wonderfully illustrated by Liz Ackerley Art. We approached Liz as, not she is an accomplished illustrator and 'urban sketcher' but her work is unique, distinctive and imaginative. Using the former Children's Shelter and Remand Home building (on Chatham Street in Manchester) as the background, Liz has captured a bustling scene taking inspiration from our photograph collection.

Keep an eye out for more details and a release date!


  1. Looking forward to publication day.

  2. Looking forward to the book. But are you aware that your Case File name search facility is not working?

  3. Hello, Thank you for your comments. The case file database is now working again. Thank you.


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