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The Together Trust has cared for tens of thousands of children and adults since 1870. We recognise how important family background and information about the past can be. If you, or a relative was in one of our homes, either in England, Wales or Canada, we may be able to help you discover more information. 

We hold case files on every individual who has been in our homes since 1886. We also hold admission details of every child from 1870. The Together Trust is committed to openness and tries to provide information to individuals and descendants where possible.

We collect and store data in accordance with the Data Protection Act (2018), which means we can only disclose information to the person who is the subject of the records. If you are searching for your own records please see our access to information page on the Together Trust website.

We provide information to relatives if case files are over 100 years old. Proof of death is required if the individual was born less than a hundred years ago, as well as proof of relationship.

General enquiries 

If you have any questions about our history or archive collection, or you would like to submit a request to use an image featured on the blog, contact us using the information below.

Head office: Together Trust Centre, Schools Hill, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 1JE
0161 283 4848