Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Remembering those who fought in WW1

“While we rejoice at the advent of peace and the vindication of righteousness, we remember with awe the price. How many homes in our beloved land will mourn some who will never return! The end of the war has even renewed the sense of loss to many. We have our own sad yet proud record as an Institution. There was a ready response to our country’s need in the early days of the war from officers and boys alike, and we have had the sad tidings time by time of those who have fallen – a member of Committee, three officers in charge of the boys, and 29 of the boys themselves. It is indeed true of these, as of so many others that they,  
'Died for us'”. - Children’s Haven, 1918

On the 11th November 1918, the country celebrated the end of World War One. Four long years of fighting had finally come to an end and people spilled out onto the streets, flag waving, rejoicing and singing. But peace had come at a great cost and for many, including our great charity, there were those who had gone out to war did not come back to celebrate. 

One hundred years later Together Trust is coming together to remember those associated with the charity, who fought in World War One. A plaque has been commissioned, in memory of those who died and will take pride of place in the Cheadle grounds. Alongside this Together Trust have also been awarded five silhouettes, funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust for display.

Young people from our Ashcroft service have been working hard to learn more about the charity during World War One and have been involved in art work, music and poetry. All will be displayed on Tuesday 13th November and we hope the local community will join us to remember those who fought. 

For more information please contact the Together Trust.