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Records at Marchmont

We came across a newspaper article in the archive the other day, written by an individual who was ‘investigating the results and prospects of juvenile emigration’. Concentrating on those sent to Marchmont Home, the writer visited 50 boys and girls in the area surrounding Belleville over three weeks.

Deep Pockets and Dirty Faces at Cheadle Library

Deep Pockets and Dirty Faces has seen more of its work displayed at Cheadle Library. As the charity now resides in the area on Schools Hill, it allows some of the work completed by young people from the area to have their project on display and inform the local community about the history of the Together Trust

Family Fun Day 2017

We’re celebrating our 96th Together Trust Family Fun Day tomorrow here on our Cheadle campus on Schools Hill. As always, we’ll be welcoming ‘GrahamFishers International It’s a Knockout’, as well as having a funfair, stalls and a cafe.

IAKO team, 2016
The festival remains a celebration of the Together Trust as well as a way of raising money for the charity. Throughout the years, the event has always been seen as a way of bringing the community together and introducing the public to the work being completed in the different services. 

Deep Pockets and Dirty Faces at Manchester Central Library

The Together Trust is pleased to announce that some of the work from its Deep Pockets and Dirty Faces project is now on display at Manchester Central Library. Costumes, artwork and material from the archive is on display within the exhibition area and audio clips and images can be viewed on the Library’s digital screens.