Tuesday, 21 February 2017


The charity is very aware that in 3 years time we will be celebrating our 150th anniversary. It’s a huge milestone in the history of the Together Trust and gives us a chance to reflect back on the many different services and activities we’ve provided over the last century and a half.  

Our 150th isn’t the only anniversary we celebrate in 2020 however. It also notes 100 years since the charity moved its offices out of Manchester into the leafy suburbs of Cheadle, where we have remained ever since. It is important for this occasion not to be overshadowed and to recognise the important connection we have with Cheadle and its community. 

Cheadle Village, c. 1950s

“[There were] very generous people like the taxi men and all these people who opened the garden fete for us and all the people who lived in Cheadle area, Rotary, everybody you could think of. They were all ever so good, always, to Bethesda and would do what they could to help.” - Matron at Bethesda, 1960-1982

The Cheadle community have always been imperative for supporting the various services run by the charity over the years, whether through donations, volunteering or attending our events. The annual Together Trust Family Fun Day and bonfire night always sees large crowds from the local area who come to support the charity.

When the Manchester Refuges first moved across in 1920, it saw the children of Belmont Village attending the local schools and walking down to St. Mary’s Parish Church to attend its services. The charity still holds an annual Christmas Carol Service at the church every year, which the local community is invited to.  

Entrance to Belmont, c.1950
The charity's original plan was to provide homes to children outside of the city slums of Manchester and into the clear air of the countryside. Today the Together Trust has homes and services across the North West but maintains its links with Cheadle at its Central Offices. The old homes are now schools and the land owned has been significantly reduced from its original 23 acres, but for those who used to live here, the site is still very familiar. We hope to maintain these links for many years to come.    

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