Thursday, 22 December 2016

A Christmas Message

With only a few days left until Christmas Day we thought we’d finish off the year with a motto card from 1905. These were created yearly by the Manchester and Salford Boys’ and Girls’ Refuge and Homes in order to send to all of their children in Canada. They were also given to all the young people in the Manchester Homes on Christmas Day morning. 

motto card for 1905

The above card is a copy included in the annual report for that year. The original cards would have been in colour and beautifully illustrated. They were meant as a keepsake as well as a dictum for the year ahead.

The cards sent abroad had an accompanying letter from the Refuge Committee;

Dear Young Friend,

As the year draws to a close we specially think of all our boys and girls now scattered in all parts of the world. It has been a pleasure to us to hear from many of them during the last twelve months and some of the letters we have received have filled our hearts with joy and thankfulness.

We should very much like to hear how you are getting on and so that you may know we have not forgotten you, I am sending you a word of loving counsel and good cheer for this Christmas time. I hope that you are well and doing all you can to carry out in your daily life the lessons taught in the old Home in Manchester. Jesus Christ wants you to serve him in everything you do and I trust you are striving to please Him by living a pure and holy life. You will, I am sure, also try to please those for whom you work by being honest, truthful, and kind and by doing all your work cheerfully and well.

The enclosed card is sent to you with much love and earnest prayer that you may have a very glad Xmas and a bright happy New Year.

Let my message to you be that which is on the card.

“Be of Good Cheer”

I could not send you a better one. It is so full of comfort and strength.

All the friends at Cheetham Hill and the Refuge send their love to you.

Hoping to hear from you soon.
I remain
Your sincere friend
Thomas R. Ackroyd

Merry Christmas everyone!

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