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We’ve spoke before on this blog about a training ship moored in Birkenhead called the Indefatigable . The Refuge had an arrangement with the committee of the Indefatigable to take boys who entered the Refuge and had a constitution for the sea. Hundreds made the short trip across to Merseyside to learn the sailor life and went on to have successful careers in the Navy. On board the Indefatigable

Britain's longest reigning monarch

Today is a momentous day in history as Queen Elizabeth II officially becomes Britain’s longest reigning monarch . She overtakes Queen Victoria’s previous record of 63 years, seven months and two days. She also becomes the longest reigning female monarch in world history. Of course the Together Trust has seen the reign of both monarchs. In fact it has witnessed six sovereigns rule over England during its lifetime.   Charity's Homes in 1952

Criminal Manchester

“The first fruit of our mission from the Charter Street Roughs” Robert was admitted to the Central Refuge on Francis Street on the 1 November 1875. The first admission book, where his entry is recorded, is scant in detail, as was typical for the first few years of the charity. We do know however that he was admitted at the age of 17, both parents having passed away and that he was ‘rescued’ by the charity from the notorious district of Angel Meadow.  Admission Entry for Robert, November 1875