Friday, 12 June 2015

Supporting our Cheadle Festival

It’s that time of the year again when we open our gates and welcome everyone to our 94th Cheadle Festival. Over the years it has been called the Belmont Garden Fete and the Bethesda Festival, but however it is known it still aims to create a fun day out to the local community.

Ticket from 1939

Belmont Garden Fete – July 13th 1923

“From former visits we have no hesitation in saying that those who are able to go to Belmont on Saturday will not only be able to enjoy the delightful grounds with their stately elms, and beech, and oak but they will be in the midst of a perfect galaxy of fun – coco-nut shires aunt sally, hoop-la, switch back, ducking stool- in fact there are to be eighteen side shows. This is not all, there are four bands and children’s dances, and concerts every half an hour, and a magnificent flower show and sale of useful and fancy articles; there will be a magician and endless other attractions, not forgetting refreshments, ices etc.”

Artist Impression of Belmont Fete, 1923
The Together Trust has a series of newspaper clippings running from 1921 onwards, which describe the various festivals over the years. Perhaps unsurprisingly the headlines often took on a similar theme. “Rain an unwelcome visitor to Belmont”, “Successful Cheadle effort despite bad weather”, Rain ruins gate – but there was a silver lining”. “Bethesda fete triumph despite the clouds”. Manchester weather can be unsurprisingly predictable but despite the inclement weather the festival continues to be a success every year, raising much needed funds for the work of the Together Trust. Of course we couldn’t do this without the support of the local community, and we hope (despite the rain shower tomorrow!) we will see lots of faces at our gates tomorrow. See you then!

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