Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The Children – England’s Hope

We’ve had another ‘lost’ item return to the fold...

Front Cover - 'The Children - England's Hope'

We’ve talked before about books and pamphlets written by the Manchester and Salford Boys’ and Girls’ Refuges and Homes. These were created to inform city residents about the work carried out by the charity and appeal for subscriptions or donations. It appears that many were created over the years by key members of the Committee, some of which are already held within the Together Trust Archive. Every so often however, new books appear that were previously unknown.

Inside 'The Children - England's Hope'
This item donated last week called ‘The Children – England’s Hope’, was written in 1900 and largely concentrated on descriptions of the main homes as well as statistics from the previous 30 years.

For example between 1870, when the charity, was formed and 1900;
5465 children, boys and girls, had been admitted.
1278 had been trained, outfitted and placed in good homes in Canada.
212 boys had been trained as sailors on board the Indefatigable Training Ship, the great majority of whom have gone forth to serve their country in the Navy or Merchant Service.
3356 weak and ailing children had been sent to recoup for two or more weeks in the Sea Side Home, Lytham since its establishment in 1883.
12,810 boys had a week’s holiday at the Summer Camp since its formation 12 years ago.
£50,000 had been earned and contributed by the children towards their own support during the period under review.

Back Cover - 'The Children - England's Hope'
As well as being a welcome addition to our pamphlet collection, the books also increase our knowledge of the charity during the Victorian era. We’re wondering what other treasures are out there waiting to be returned!

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