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Family history

Family history is the systematic narrative and research of past events relating to a specific family, or specific families.
Are any of these children one of your ancestors?
What information is in the Together Trust archive about my ancestors?
Many family historians who discover their ancestors were in one of the Manchester and Salford Boys’ and Girls’ Refuges and homes tend to stumble across the charity. Our archive, like many other charity archives, is rich in information for genealogists. Once discovered it can fill in many gaps in individual’s family history in terms of parents, addresses and birth dates as well as more specific information such as education and circumstances leading up admittance. Further information can include letters from relatives, agreement forms, and investigation/visitor’s reports.

Children’s shelter entries, 1909
How do I find out if my ancestor was ever in one of the Together Trust homes?
Most genealogists are directed to the Together Trust archive from census returns. Other sources may include passenger lists on ships, if the individual was emigrated through us or from other charity records if the child spent time in other institutions. Occasionally researchers ask us to do a search for a ‘missing relative’ on the off chance that they ended up in one of our homes between census years.

Application form 1900

Does every case file hold the same information?
All case files vary in content depending on its age and the circumstances leading up to admittance of the individual. A recent enquiry from 1894 contained 25 documents made up of application forms, baptism certificates and letters providing a wealth of information. Another case file from the same period held only an application and medical form.


How can I request a search of the archive for my relative?
Over the years we have helped hundreds of people find out more about their relatives and fill in missing gaps in their family history. If you think one of your ancestors was in our homes we may be able to help you discover more information about their time with us.

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