Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Immediate admission without distinction of creed

Soon after the Manchester and Salford Boys’ and Girls’ Refuges and Homes opened its doors back in the wintry months of 1870 the Committee issued its foundation principles:
  • To receive homeless and destitute children found in Manchester and Salford and District
  • To give immediate admission to such without distinction of creed
  • To provide such with suitable food, clothing and industrial training
  • To educate such in Christian principles based on the Bible only. 
The charity’s founders Mr Leonard Shaw and Mr Richard Taylor, along with the rest of the Committee, were all of the Protestant faith. Their impetus to help the ‘waifs and strays’ on the streets of Manchester, all stemmed from their desire to carry out their Christian duties and they were heavily involved in their local churches.

Boys were admitted to the Refuge whatever their creed

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Family history

Family history is the systematic narrative and research of past events relating to a specific family, or specific families.
Are any of these children one of your ancestors?