Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The Children's Act, 1908

Today a chance encounter in the archive has brought up an interesting case. It stems from an admission to the Homes on the 12th May 1909 and involves a first for the charity and for the city of Manchester.

Lizzie after admission

Thursday, 17 August 2017

A guest blog

This week's blog has been compiled by Robert Atherton, a student at Poynton 6th form, who has been on a week's long placement as an archive student at the Together Trust. Alongside various other duties, Robert has been cataloguing some of our case files from the 1930s and has picked out one file to research and compile a blog on.

One of the many important jobs to being an archivist is cataloguing. Whilst leafing through a certain case, I found out that it was in fact a unique and rather beguiling case. It appeared that Robert, once of 2 George Street, had the idea of journeying to Australia.  The relocation to Australia, despite meaning a journey into the unfamiliar and potentially leaving loved ones behind, offered a fresh start for Robert. His hopes lay in the hands of ‘Big Brother Movement’ (no not the show!) who ran a project of transporting the children to Australia and setting them up with the necessary accommodation and occupation.
Belmont Village postcard 1930's