Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Deep Pockets and Dirty Faces at Cheadle Library

Deep Pockets and Dirty Faces has seen more of its work displayed at Cheadle Library. As the charity now resides in the area on Schools Hill, it allows some of the work completed by young people from the area to have their project on display and inform the local community about the history of the Together Trust

Display at Cheadle Library

The material on display tells the story of some of the work already completed by young people at the Together Trust. These are accompanied by booklets, which explain the premise of the project and where the work can be viewed. The charity has also created rulers, which display the timeline of the first 50 years of the Manchester and Salford Boys’ and Girls’ Refuges and Homes. These can be picked up for free at the library. 

Display at Cheadle Library
Some of the stories, studied by young people involved in the project, are also on show. These describe the family circumstances of children who were admitted to the Manchester Refuges and what happened after they were emigrated to Belleville, Ontario. Alongside the display the cabinet shows items which have been used in various parts of the project such as costume design, object handling and research.

Display at Cheadle Library
The exhibition can be seen at Cheadle Library until the end of August. If you’re in the area please pick up a leaflet and ruler to find out more.    

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