Friday, 26 June 2015

Emigration Records

In 1872 the first nine boys were sent from the Manchester Refuges to Marchmont Home, Belleville, under the care of Annie Macpherson. They were the first of 2129 children to make the long trip to Canada. 

Plaque outside Marchmont Home, Belleville

In its early forays into emigration between 1872 -1887* the Manchester Refuge used various other organisations led by Maria Rye or Annie Macpherson to emigrate its children. Some also went via Barnardo's or Quarriers. After this date emigration parties were sailing under the care of Ellen Bilbrough, who managed the Marchmont Home, and later her husband, Reverend Robert Wallace, as well as a master or matron from one of the Manchester Homes. 

Marchmont was run until 1925 when it was taken over by Barnardo’s and closed. All the records remaining at the building for the young people were transferred to their archive. Consequently children who were from Manchester have some records at Barnardo’s, but the majority still remain within the Together Trust collection.

Records remain at the Together Trust
So if your ancestor was from Manchester and emigrated to Marchmont Home we may have some records for you. Even if you already have a few details from Barnardo’s. Why not get in contact with us and find out.

*The emigration of pauper children was halted between 1875-1883, after the Andrew Doyle report.

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