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Naval Training Ships for Manchester Boys

The training ship, the Indefatigable , New Ferry, Birkenhead, has been mentioned once before in the early days of this blog . It was often used by the Committee of the Manchester Refuges to give a trade to some of the sturdier boys who came under their care. As new photographs come to light, showing the workings of the ship, we delve back into this little known service. Positioning the cannon

UK Disability History Month

The 22nd November – 22 December 2012 is UK Disability History Month (UKDHM) . This is an annual event which strives to ‘raise awareness of the unequal position of disabled people in society and to advocate disability equality’, as well as ‘developing an understanding of the historical roots of this inequality’. The Together Trust has a long history of working with children and adults with disabilities and as we celebrate UKDHM this month we will be looking back over our next few blogs as to how our work in disability began. Bethesda family c.1900

Life in Grenfell, Saskatchewan

As regular followers of this blog will know the Manchester and Salford Boys’ and Girls’ Refuges and Homes emigrated some of the children under its care to the Marchmont Receiving Home in Belleville, Ontario .     Norman Lee, Refuge Agent in Grenfell

Boys' Refuge Fire Brigade and the Campaign for Voluntary Sector Archives

This is another striking picture within the archive which we know very little about. It was taken around 1890 and shows the Boys’ Refuge Fire Brigade outside what looks to be the Central Refuge of Francis Street. Boys Refuge Fire Brigade